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Tapping Into Sacred

Tapping Into Sacred

Humans are part of the complex web of life and for eons understood their association with land, water and air and all the creatures of the earth. Along with the advances of the last few centuries, humans have lost their understanding of those connections and have disengaged from the natural rhythms of life.  The desire for a natural burial is profound: by allowing a body to return to the ear†h, we tap into something sacred. We engage in a deep understanding that in death we give back to the life-giving earth and return to the soil from whence our sustenance came. This understanding can bring peace to grieving hearts.

Kim Bailey is a naturalist at Warner Park Nature Center in Nashville TN. She is an avid hiker, cyclist, photographer and explorer of the natural world.   Her powerful childhood connection to nature led to a lifetime commitment to educating others about the joys and responsibilities of caring for the earth.


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