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NEWSLETTER Vol 1. 2016

NEWSLETTER Vol 1. 2016

Larkspur Conservation: Honoring Life and Environment by Creating Nature Preserve for Green Burials

Larkspur Conservation is pleased to announce a contract to conserve 155 acres on the Highland Rim in Sumner County, Tennessee.  Larkspur is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the stewardship of the natural environment through earth-friendly funeral and burial practices.Rev. Becca Stevens, Larkspur Chair and chaplain of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Chapel on Vanderbilt’s campus, says, “We are creating a pastoral place…whether you are burying a loved one, or walking in the Tennessee hills, this sanctuary will allow us to reconnect with the earth, death and our lives.”

Larkspur will be one of only 7 conservation cemeteries in the U.S. according to John Christian Phifer, Larkspur Executive Director and licensed funeral director.  “Natural burial is a process of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that helps conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions and care for the earth.”  He adds, “Green burial is in response to a growing movement of people who are requesting a natural, holistic, and simpler way to say goodbye, allowing them to show honor and respect to their loved one, their community and the earth.”

Larkspur’s goal is to enable a natural burial in a park-like setting utilizing biodegradable shrouds and caskets without using concrete vaults or embalming chemicals.  Located adjacent to Taylor Hollow Nature Preserve and covered with more than 50 species of trees, Larkspur would serve as a restoration project, bird sanctuary, public space for hiking and recreation, as well as a living memorial.  The current property will be protected through an easement with The Nature Conservancy, and the business plan will enable Larkspur to be financially self-sufficient.  The plan will also provide funding to place additional acreage under conservation easements in the future.  Larkspur is seeking $300,000 in capital donations for the purchase.  Larkspur invites the entire community to join in creating this valuable burial option for current and future generations of Tennesseans.


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