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Environmental Stewardship

IMG_4652Environmental Stewardship

The Tennessee landscape is a sanctuary filled with trees, wildflowers and grassy open fields, deer, turkeys, rabbits, and more than a few squirrels. Unfortunately, economic and government constraints on land conservation challenge our ability to protect our natural history and require us to seek innovative strategies for land protection. Larkspur’s mission is to use burial as a means of protecting our natural areas.

Land acquisition is Larkspur’s first goal. More than 30 natural burial grounds have been established in the United States through a variety of different means–using land already owned by a land trust, donation of land by individual owners, working with a conservation organization to establish easements on private land, receiving funding from a local governmental body, purchasing land from private owners–and often through a combination of these sources. As Larkspur has been evaluating a variety of potential sites, our conversations with governmental, environmental, and interested private individuals have led us to focus our first step on raising money to purchase the land.

Larkspur Conservation will work with The Nature Conservancy in acquiring property. Larkspur will analyze potential tracts against conservation goals for wildlife protection, recreational possibilities, and larger preservation goals. Once the acquisition is complete, The Nature Conservancy will place a conservation easement on the tract and convey title to Larkspur Conservation.